Tropics Oh My!

Graphic design
Summer 2020

Tropics Oh My! is the personal brand of Rashida Wilkinson. My task was to design a logo that would fit her brand for natural wellness and body care content for young adult women. 


Purpose: To bring awareness of natural remedies and herbs from the Caribbean to the world

Audience: Caribbean young adults interested in natural skin care

General mood: Simplicity. Relatable. Beauty in complexity. Cursive and looping. Neutral coloring with white, nude, gold, silver, brown, and black colors with a pop of brightness.

Misc requirements: Include banana tree inside the "T", coconut inside the "O", hibiscus in the "Y"

Inspiration pictures


Based on the above requirements for mood and audience, I started scoping out two different moodboards: one with a more painterly-neutral feel, and one with a bolder flat feel.

I then sketched some rough ideas before choosing a few to make in Illustrator.


My client had chosen two designs she liked best, so I iterated on final color schemes for both of them.

The final logo design for Tropics oh my. Mustard yellow with a banana leaf, coconut, and hibiscus flower

The final logo design

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