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Somewhere Between Here and There

Reflective essays

Join the author on a reflective journey of her spiritual walk with God. Read about the highs, the lows, and the in-betweens, and find encouragement on how to build and maintain a spiritual relationship that has no end.

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Book Reviews

"I could relate to so many things! I like how Kira used stories to bring in a particular lesson or thought, and each chapter was super relevant.”

"[Kira] mentioned [she] wanted the book to be relatable, it was precisely that...I am not a reader, I lose interest fast and move on, but not with this book. I enjoyed every single chapter. I have been on a path of working on my spiritual life, this book gave me the insight on another fellow Christian's life."

"I enjoyed reading this book from start to finish. The author masterfully intertwines her life sketches with her faith, while making poignant spiritual lessons that are easy to understand."

Book description

Everyone has a story.


We live life, make mistakes, and learn from them (sometimes, anyways).


We ride on spiritual highs, thinking nothing can bring us down. Or we’re brought so low that we end up looking to God and shouting, “Why?!”. Or we’re like Jacob, wrestling with God for hours, not understanding our experience, yet not wanting to let go of Him until we get answers. 


Somewhere Between Here and There is a collection of essays from the author’s life, reflecting on these diverse experiences with God and sharing how she has applied the biblical lessons she’s learned along the way. She shares amusing anecdotes, heart-breaking experiences, and joyful epiphanies, highlighting the constant wrestling and progress in her spiritual life.


This is the middle of a relationship, between knowing about God and knowing God. It is a journey that is growing more complete, day by day.

Author bio

Kira Street is a creative. You may find her buried deep in Adobe Illustrator or writing a blog post or arm knitting another blanket. She’s passionate about education and young adult/campus ministries and has been a leader in it since her freshman year of college.


She is a cat person (although she will happily pet your dog) and is currently nerding out on several podcasts, like The Bible Project. See more of her writing on An Artists Block or My Journey with God.

somewhere between cover.png
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