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Graphic design
Fall 2019

Special thanks to Mukhtara, Amber, Ashlyn, Briana, and Zanya for allowing me to use their photos.

crowns row.png

Crowns is a passion project. Since I am a woman of color and I'm often surrounded by woman of color, I often see many different ways that we express ourselves, especially when it relates to our hair.

There has been an incredible natural hair movement among the black diaspora and it has encouraged women of color to embrace their natural texture in all its glory. Even when our hair is hidden, it still makes a statement through bold headwraps and accessories. 

After reading this paper on the history of head coverings among African-Americans, I've been viewing them as crowns. Meant to elevate and embolden rather than hiding in shame. This project is one of celebration of our beauty and diversity.

I aim to keep expanding on this project.

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