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Boston Temple SDA Church 150th Anniversary

Graphic design
Winter 2020

Boston Temple SDA Church is a historic church, existing in Boston for 150 years. To celebrate this milestone, the church wanted to create a series of designs for products, t-shirts, banners, and anything else that would be needed.

I attended this church as a college student and one of the things I most appreciated was the diversity of people. The church leadership wanted to emphasize that in the graphics and show that the church is not the building, but its people.

The moodboard for the graphics using timeless colors with different representations.​

This design system uses several different combinations of the main colors with the main graphic to create different uses for a bulletin cover, postcard invitation, t-shirt, and banners.

Each silhouette is modeled off of a member of Boston Temple, highlighting the diversity and importance of the people. The rays of light represent the necessity, sovereignty, and centrality of God in the community. 

It's a versatile design that can be rearranged or have different coloring depending on the application.

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