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Audioverse Redesign

Freelance UI/UX Designer
Types & Symbols

The audio app, Audioverse, redesigned its digital experience on desktop and mobile.

My role

  • Freelance UI/UX Designer collaborating with Types & Symbols' designers to design several pieces of the Audioverse experience

  • Translating the mobile designs to desktop for the initial launch of the redesign


  • Several UI designs for various parts of the experience, such as onboarding, donating, telling Audioverse's story, and more.

Onboarding and log in

Uses the sign-up screens to educate the user about how they can use Audioverse.

Includes a 3-screen onboarding experience that shows the major tasks

Create account.png
Log in - mobile browser.png

I'd be happy to talk more about this if you have questions. Thanks for reviewing!

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